Musical competition


There is no entry fee to participate in the competition. Only one musical piece is allowed per valuation class. Medleys are allowed. The selection of the musical piece should be based on the performance level of the musicians. There is no time limitation. For organisational reasons musical scores do not need to be submitted in advance. The performance will be judged by an international jury. A direct conversation with the judges after the performance is not possible but the judges will be available for any questions after the winning ceremony.


The performances of the show and majorette groups take place in the park stadium. In case of poor weather conditions, the festival tent serves as an alternative venue. A sound system for playing music from e.g. CD is available. The performances are judged by two jury members. Depending on the number of participants, other groups may also perform at the park stadium (e.g. drum bands).

The competition of all other categories classes takes place in the “BiB-Arena”, a multipurpose sports hall with excellent acoustic conditions. Chairs are provided if required. Two groups set themselves up at the same time and present their songs successively. The performances are also judged by two jury members. After consultation with the organiser a separate place for the tuning of the instruments is available. Please contact the organiser in advance. An acoustic test and retuning of the instruments is permitted in the hall before the performance.


Category Name Instrumentation
A Orchestra Harmony orchestra with woodwind and brass instruments, percussion but without electric equipment
B Big Band Harmony orchestra with woodwind and brass instruments, percussion and with electric equipment
C1 Show formation Show groups p.r.n. with dancers
C2 Show dance Dance groups only
D Brass band Brass instruments and percussion
E Drum band all percussion instruments
F Nature tone instruments Nature tone instruments and percussion
G Marching bands Various flutes and percussion
H1 Majorettes until 14 years up to 14 years
H2 Majorettes aged 14 and older

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Categories A, B, D, E, F, G

  • Intonation/technic
  • Rhythmic
  • Dynamic
  • Technical realization
  • Visual impression
  • Overall artistic impression

Category C

  • Choreography (Idea/Structure)
  • Level of difficulty of the show
  • Posture and overall impression
  • Synchronisation (music und moves)

Category H

  • Marching up and presentation
  • Choreography
  • Technical realization
  • Technical agility
  • Synchronisation
  • Timing


For each category there are 10 points available. The conductor the miss majorette will be judged separately. The evaluation criteria are the guiding of the orchestra respectively the guiding of the majorettes. In order of a smooth running of the event it is essential that all participants on time at the starting venue.

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