"Europe as a guest in Bösel"

Music connects. Music connects people and builds bridges across cultures and among people. Music allows international understanding despite different languages or cultures. And that’s what the EURO Musiktage stand for. We want our guests to experience understanding among nations closely and live.

The EURO Musiktage offer exciting and happy encounters for people from different countries – in the streets, in the halls or in the festival tent.

Besides many official programme items like the opening ceremony, the international parade or the music competition, the little moments are the ones which give the special character to this festival: spontaneous concerts during the lunch break, joint celebrations at the wine festival or the polonaise at the warm-up party.

Musical competition

€ 3000 Euro for the winner of the Böseler EURO-Cup.

For many participating groups the competition for the Böseler EURO-Cup is the highlight of our festival. Here they face a critical international jury, who judges the performances. But a participation is not obligatory.

The performances of the show and majorette groups take place in the park stadium on Saturday afternoon. In case of poor weather conditions, the BiB-Arena serves as an alternative venue. The second part of the competition takes place on Sunday morning. Here the music groups present their qualities. To meet our own expectations as well as requests of our guests, it takes place in the “BiB-Arena”, a multipurpose sports hall with excellent acoustic conditions.

But the focus is not only on the scores and trophies. In addition to the trophy there will be an award for the winner of the day, the “Böseler EURO-Cup”, with prize money available. The group with the highest score will get € 3000, the winner of the second price will receive € 1500, the third place will get € 500. We also award the group with the lowest average age with our special youth-award. The group receives 500 € to support the efforts in working with young musicians. The winning ceremony takes place on the festvival ground in the park after the parade.

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Another highlight on EURO-Sunday is the international parade through the city centre. The parade route is about 2.5 km long and starts at 2.00 pm at the Bürgermeister-Elsen-Stadion. At the starting point groups are instructed and placed according to the running order by our team. Shortly after the start the parade is stopped for a short time to do the parade of all flags at the EURO-monument. All nation flag’s are raised to the sounds of the national as well as the European anthem.

For the parade there is a marching judgement. Here the jury judges the individuality of each group. The focus is on the marching, a separate show in front of the jury is not intended. This judgement is fully independent of the music competition. But it is obligatory to take part in the parade. If you need to leave early on Sunday, please contact us so we can find a solution for your individual schedule. The parade ends on the festival ground in the park. There a DJ is playing music before the winning ceremony starts at about 5.00 pm. At the beginning of the ceremony the winners of the tombola are drawn. Afterwards the winners of the music competition as well as the parade are announced.


The best information first: Thanks to our numerous sponsors we provide free accommodation. We offer different accommodation options to our guests. In light of past experience most groups and musicians want to stay in communal quarters. Communal quarters are available in local schools and sport halls as well as in other suitable premises. Sleeping bags and air mattresses need to be brought along in any case. In principle it is also possible to stay in the youth hostel or in a hotel nearby. Costs arising from it are not covered.


During the festival all meals are prepared by the German Red Cross (DRK). To cover the costs partly we need to charge a small fee. At the moment we charge 1 € per person per meal. We offer breakfast, warm lunch and traditional German dinner (each in buffet form). The number of people can be changed up to two weeks before the start of the festival.

Bus drivers

For the bus drivers it is also possible to stay in a separate communal quarter for free. If desired the bus drivers can also be placed in the same communal quarter as the group (without separate room). The bus drivers need to bring sleeping bags and air mattresses, too. We would also be glad to reserve a room for your bus drivers in a hotel nearby. The costs arising need to be covered by the group respectively by the bus company. Please contact your bus company/bus driver in advance and tell us about the about the accommodation requests.

The parties

International understanding among nations experienced vividly and live – it is our passion to bring people from different nations together and to celebrate peacefully and cheerfully. Big parties as shared experiences are the simplest way of international understanding because language barriers move into the background.

Already on EURO-Friday we welcome all musicians at the Warm-Up Party. Together with a live band we get in the right mood for the upcoming days and make first new friends.

On EURO-Saturday partying continues at the “EURO-Night” after the “Concert of Nations”. Several DJ-teams party with our guests and rock the dancefloor.

Your individual programme

After the registration our team will create an individual programme for your group. Please let us know if you have any special wishes for your stay.

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